nice setup for anyone looking to get into tri, but, you need to remember that you would also need to training gear for everyday, like slix swimwear – they have great guys knee length swimmers perfect dual purpose wear for both swimming and riding, and hey even running!


If you’re considering doing your first triathlon you’re probably wondering what you need to get started.  Since triathlon is swimming bike and running all in one it can definitely get expensive. After all, you need the equipment for 3 sports just to compete. Races can also be expensive so if you’re new to the sport you may not have a budget to go out and buy everything that you’ld like.

First figure out what triathlon distance you’re going to do. This will have  lot to do with what equipment you’ll need. For anything longer than an Olympic Distance Triathlon the more likely you’ll want to get specific triathlon gear.

The gear that is mandetory to compete is the following:

  • goggles
  • a bike, preferably a road bike or triathlon bike
  • helmet
  • sunglasses
  • running shoes
Those are the bare bones minimum. You could easily spend tens of thousands of dollars but if you’re just…

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