Swimming Equipment

with the right swimming equipment you can succeed, goggle caps and the right training swimwear like slix, or speedo or tyr definitely make a difference.


A swimmer must wear a cap, which is a head covering that covers the hair, and allows the swimmer to have more hydrodynamic movement in the water because of less drag from the cap, and caps are usually used to show what team/organization/country that the swimmer is from, and will sometimes show the swimmer’s name on it as well. Another is the swimming suit. These include men and women’s swim suits. Men’s suits are divided into full body suits, ‘jammers’ (goes down to knees), and legless suits, also referred to commonly as “speedos” because of the popular swim wear producer ‘Speedo’. The most popular and effective is the latter of the three, which allows the swimmer to be more hydrodynamic. The full body suit was popularized by the  US team in the 2008 Olympics. It consisted of three different suits worn on top of each other. This allowed the greatest…

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