Hello Summer!

loving the strapping on this bikini

Ready, Dress, Action!

Happy first day of summer! It’s time to break out those sexy bikinis again. Don’t have any or want a new one? No worries, here are some suggestions:

Victoria’s Secret is offering strappy options this summer. Try this neon yellow one if you want to keep heads turning your way. It takes sexy to a whole new level. Be sure to apply sunscreen to avoid a strappy tan!

This one from Nasty Gal offers a different kind of strappy coverage. Its atypical design with multiple straps is sure to keep you looking trendy. It is also a more secure option because it’s a one piece. At least to me, some of the strappy bikini tops and bottoms look like they wouldn’t fare so well in the sea.

These stringy bikini bottoms are stylistically very interesting but I wouldn’t wear them to venture off into the sea.

If the previous options are too…

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