Triangl Bikini Girl

lovin this girls swimwear triangl stepping up this summer

Australian Triangl bathing suits have become all the rage. I recently purchased one after months of contemplating if I wanted to pay $100.00 (including tax and shipping) for a bathing suit, and then wait a considerably long time for it to ship all the from Australia to Miami. Well the verdicts in on Triangl bathing suits. The bathing suit shipped very quickly – a lot quicker than I had anticipated. The bathing suit arrives inside of a drawstring backpack made of the same neoprene material and color to match the bathing suit. The bag is kind of genius if you think about it because aren’t we all always looking for somewhere to store our wet bathing suit after we wear it? The neoprene bag is a step up from a plastic bag which is most girls go to choice for wet bathing suit storage. Inside the neoprene backpack you find…

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