swimming smooth through the water

Some of the very frequent questions we get asked by swimmers is whether you should really be striving to lift your stroke speed when you swim.

Normally discussing swimming having an increased stroke is not bad for open water swimming as the additional cycle in the stroke makes it possible to strike through waves, chop and disturbed water. Because of this, though you may take more strokes to swim a space that is specified, you’ll be less inefficient doing thus. This can be like spinning a smaller gear, a bit – less effort is taken by each stroke but you take more of these.

Naturally like anything it is not impossible to make it tougher than you need to and end up fighting with the water but top-notch open water swimmers and triathletes swim quite efficiently in the reach of 75-90 strokes per minute and are frugal and very smooth whilst doing this.
You must maintain your stroke powerful and long.
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